Encore on Radio Tumbril



Like many others I enjoy listening to both shortwave and classical music.

Sadly, since the world has gone digital - and many large state funded stations have gone off the air or reduced their

output - western classical music programmes have almost disappeared.

Radio Romania International is - I think - the only station that regularly broadcasts a concert on their Romanian

service - very early on Sunday mornings.


In many ways - of course - it makes no sense to send complex and nuanced sound on shortwave because of all that nature

and man can throw at it en route to the receiver. Signal is sometimes barely discernible above noise.


But that’s the point isn’t it? Like so much in life - the obstacles that make something difficult or unpredictable become

part of the reason for doing it.


Luckily classical music doesn’t have to be reproduced in HiFi to be enjoyed - if that was the case, wax cylinders

and shellac discs would have failed to catch on. They didn’t fail because when we hear a tune whistled by someone

across the street - we imagine the full orchestra.


Human beings are analogue creatures - and amplitude modulation is our natural environment. Classical

music on shortwave feels to me the most natural thing in the world. But there is hardly any of it left to

tune in to.


So I decided to make a western classical music programme and find some transmitter time

to broadcast it. Many thanks to the folks at Channel 292 in Europe, and WRMI in the USA 

for making it possible.The show is called Encore for obvious reasons - and Radio Tumbril because it is a

domain I had doing nothing.


Please use the comments page and email link for reception reports andsuggestions - it will help

me discover what works and what doesn’t and so improve the show.


Best wishes to all,


Brice Avery - Scotland UK. March 2019 (Updated March 2020)